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pH & Alkaline Test Kit

pH & Alkaline Test Kit

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Using our pH test kit you can easily check your pH to test your body’s acid-alkaline balance on a daily basis. In most cases use our Safe Soda Life pH Test Kits to check your saliva pH first thing in the morning. The saliva must be checked before any food is taken, water or brushing your teeth. Tear off enough of the strip to make wet with your saliva for about 2 to 5 seconds. Note the colour change and match the colour change with the colour chart on the dispenser. The acid-alkaline balance of the body is crucial to our overall health. Our bodies are constantly working hard to maintain an ideal pH level to balance our systems. You test your cholesterol and blood pressure, so now its time to see what’s happening on the INSIDE. pH is the most important measure of your overall health. pH simply means the ‘potential of hydrogen’.

It is the acid to alkaline ratio in gram equivalents per litre and is therefore a measure of your acid-alkaline balance. pH testing offers you a quick, inexpensive and easy way of measuring your overall acid-alkaline balance. Using our pH test kit you can easily check your pH to test your body’s acid-alkaline balance on a daily basis. Once you know where you are within the range, you can adapt your diet and take our Safe Soda BODY to correct your pH imbalance. A healthy body pH is 7.4.

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